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Lemmy, Bowie and Prince to appear at Boomtown Fair!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! We have confirmation that recently absent superstars Lemmy, Bowie and Prince have agreed to a farewell performance on the stage of WAYNE AND WANDA'S POP PIRATES at this year's Boomtown Fair. It'll be a first for Lemmy, while David Bowie makes a welcome return. Prince is working on a new dance routine as we speak. They'll be joined by a multitude of other stars - exactly who - you decide. We've had (to name just a few), Madonna, Beyoncé, The Village People (several times!), Tom Jones, Bryan ferry, Amy Winehouse, Madness and more Freddie Mercurys than you can shake an arse at.

Get practising your lip-syncing skills and join us for your 3 minutes of fame on our Pop Pirates stage on the Hilltop, Old Town, Boomtown.

Check out our facebook events page at:

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