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WelcomE to lipsync heaven...

A world where pop superstars come to life, bringing you classic songs of Love, Romance and Passion. 


... where you too can step onto the stage and live your lifelong dream to be your pop idol.


... where you could chance upon Dolly Parton or Freddie Mercury - on the street, in a field or on a boat!


... where you can dance the night away to the best Soul, Funk, Pop and Disco - in a blizzard of bubbles.

  Wayne & Wanda Love


Pop Superstars brought to life at your party or event.

You're chance to be a superstar! Interactive lipsync show.

fresh air and fun on the street and at festivals.

Now Showing..

Reneé & Renato

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé

George Michael & Aretha Franklin

Alvin Stardust



"Made me want to poke my own eyes out".

Matthew Rogers, Source FM

"Technically bloody perfect!".

Bill Scott, Lipsync competition judge.

"You should offer this as therapy".

Lipsync contestant, Boomtown Fair.

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